Get Solar Energy For Your Home with Affordable Solar Power Kits

"How You Can Save $$$ Thousands on Energy Bill By Easily Installing Your Own Solar Panels"

With the cost of energy escalating each day and concerns for environment rising, more and more people are adopting solar power for their homes. Solar power has zero carbon footprint and is the most viable alternative energy options to solve the world's energy problems.

Cost To Have Solar Panels Installed on Your Home

A typical home would require a 3000-5000 Watts Solar System to provide enough electricity for your home. The cost of solar power continues to drop each year, with typical 4000 Watts solar system costs about $20,000 - $25,000.

However, if you buy a grid-tied solar power kits and install your own solar panels, you can save lots of money.

Solar Power Kits to Power Your Home

If you are serious about using solar to power your home, your best bet is to get a Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits.

SolarSphere offers affordable and high quality grid tied solar power kits from 230W to 5000W that you can use to provide power for your home and reduce your electric bills. The kit includes high quality solar panels which meet "UL" electrical standards and other components such as inverter, fuses and disconnects, mounting, and wiring.

These kits come complete ready to go for your home or business. They are great for the handy homeowner, budding solar contractors, or anyone that has access to some tools, a master electrician and a desire to start saving money on their energy bills.

Furthermore, you can even add a kit that let you track your solar energy production from any computer with an internet connection. Isn't that cool?

Are there governament incentives and rebates for these systems?

Absolutely! The Federal Tax Credit of 30% applies to solar power systems of any size. In addition, you may also qualify for State and local incentives. Visit the DSIREUSA website for more information on incentives in your area.

If you qualify for state and local rebates, you may even be able to deduct the rebate value from the total cost!

Get the Solar Power Kits from Sphere Solar

Per my research, Sphere Solar offers the most affordable and high quality solar power kits. Check them out!

grid tied solar kit for home

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Want to Learn How to Design, Build, and Install Your Own Home Solar System?

If you are interested to learn how to design, build, and install your own home solar system yourself, you should get the "Do It Yourself" Training Guide. This is a comprehensive training that will guide you through the whole process of designing, building, and installing the solar panels yourself.

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