Solar Power Applications

Solar Power has definitely captured our attention in recent years due to its potential of being the most viable clean, renewable, and abundant energy source.

There are many uses to solar power. Below I will discuss some common applications of solar power that are being deployed today.

Residential Solar Homes

Thanks to government incentives and rebate programs, residential and home solar PV installations have become more affordable. As people become more aware of the dangers of green house gases associated with fossil fuel energy, more and more people are beginning to adopt solar energy.

By tieing the solar PV to the grid, a solar PV System supplies electricity to the home in the day time and any excess energy may be fed back to the grid. From net metering, the utility company will credit you with the excess energy by spinning your meter backward.

You can also be independent from the utility company by using batteries as storage to provide power during the evening/night hours.

Commercial Buildings

BIPV or building-Integrated PhotoVoltaics is an exciting developments in PV technology. They are essentially PhotoVoltaic materials that can be incorporated in modern building designs, replacing conventional building materials in areas such as the roof, skylights, or facades.

There are many compelling benefits to using BIPVs for new buildings (existing buildings may be retrofitted with BIPV modules too).

First,by using PV materials, the amount of materials and waste can be reduced. In addition, the BIPV generally blend in well with the building and offer a more aesthetically appealing look than other solar options. Because of these advantages, BIPV is growing at a very fast rate.

Consumer and Recreational Applications

Solar Power has long been used in consumer product applications and recreational applications. For consumer products, you have seen solar used to power calculators, toys, phones, etc. With more efficiency and lower weight, solar power's usage in consumer and recreational applications will continue to grow.

Water Heater, Pool, Water Pump

Using solar to heat up water or the pool can be a very cost effective way. Solar can also be used to pump water in 3rd world countries also.

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