Reviews of Solar Panel Design & Installation Books

As in any subject matter, the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. If you want to learn more about how solar works and how you can build and install your own solar panels, solar water heater, solar pool, wind turbines, there are some good books/guides that can help you.

Most of these books and guides also include videos that show you step by step instructions on how to build and install your own solar panels. It's definitely a great project for you and your kids to work on and to learn more about solar energy. And if it works out, you can use it to power some of your appliances and reduce your electricity bill, while helping the environment at the same time.

Review of the best "Do It Yourself" Solar Panels Guide

There are quite a few guides out there that show you how to build your own solar panels and wind turbines. I only want to list the top 2. By using any of these 2 guides, you should have the necessary instructions to build your own solar panels and wind turbines at a cheap price. These guides come with all the pictures, schematics, illustrations, and videos so it makes it easy for beginners and non-techie people to follow.

Earth4Energy - Our Top Rated Guide

Price: $49.97
Guarantee: 8 Weeks
Rating: 9.0/10
Customer review:

"I was looking to purchase a few retail solar panels for my home but after looking at the price of them it just made sense to build my own. After going through your materials I managed to build 2 solar panels for under $100! They are just small panels but this is all I need for the lighting and fridge in my courtyard. "
-Kim C (Sydney, Australia)

The Earth4Energy "do it yourself" solar panels and wind turbine guide is the most popular guide in the market.

It was created by Michael Harvey, a passionate environmentalist, who wants to help you get your home running on free, renewable energy. It has detailed step by step instructions, clear pictures and illustrations, and videos to show you the exact steps to build your own solar panels and wind turbines.

Most of the parts and supplies that you need can be purchased at your local hardware stores. The book claims that you can build a solar system for $200. While a $200 home solar system can power some of your appliances like refrigerator and the lightings, you would probably need to spend a lot more to build a big enough system to power your home. In any case, you will learn alot by reading the book and watching the videos.

What the guide includes

I am really impressed by the quality and comprehensiveness of the Earth4Energy guide. It includes the following:

  • Introduction to Solar Energy Primer - This primer has an excellent tutorial on the basics of solar energy which includes how solar energy is generated. You are also going to learn about every component needed in a complete solar energy installation.
  • Build Your Solar Panels instructions - The videos and manual has detailed step-by-step instructions to building a solar panel. In this section you will learn how to build the panel casing and wire all of the cells together. You will get detailed plans complete with color diagrams and pictures.
  • Solar Help Package - The package includes instructions on Solar Panel Installation and Mounting, Electrical Wiring Plans, The Solar Calculator , and Forms to do your Solar Tax Credits and Rebates.


Clearly, this is the best guide out there. For the price of only $49, you are getting the best and easiest instructions on how to build your own solar panels that you can use to power your appliances.

Check out the Earth4Energy Manual and Video Now!

    Homemade Energy - The Runner Up Guide

    Price: $39.00
    Guarantee: 2 months
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Customer Review:

    "I'm so glad I tried your system. I made my first solar panel this weekend and I wanted to let you know it's awesome. With your diagrams work was a breeze. Only one panel saves me a big chunk of electricity. Next weekend I'll do another one. Most likely with 2 or 3 of these I will be able to eliminate my electric bill for good. Thank you very much,"
    - Terry Rain, Michigan

    Homemade Energy shows you easy to follow instructions to build your own solar panels and windmills

    This is another popular guide on how to make your own solar panels and wind turbines. It is quite similar to Earth4Energy in terms of content. However, the instructions from Home Made Energy is quite straightforward and concise.

    It's a good product if you want to spend a little less. The instructions are a little hard to follow though. And the videos are not as good as the ones from Earth4Energy.

    Nevertheless, it is a good alternative guide that will give you a different perspective and angle on making and installing your own solar panels.

    Check out the HomeMadeEnergy Manual and Video Now!

    The Best Solar System Design And Installation Training Course

    If you want to get into the solar career field as a solar sales consultant, solar installer, or marketer, you need training to learn about how solar works and how to do installation.

    There are some places which offer training, but they cost $1000s. A more affordable and just as effective option is to read the guides or watch the videos that are taught by solar experts who have worked in the solar industry for years.

    Below are some good training programs that you can download and get started right away:

    Solar Installation Video Training Course

    solar installation training guide book picture

    Price: $99.97
    Guarantee: 8 Weeks
    Rating: 9.0/10

    The career and business opportunities in the solar energy field are hot right now. If you want to get into the solar business or pursue a career in solar, this video training series will teach you all you need to know about solar power and doing solar installation.

    Some companies charge over $1000 for similar training. With this video training series, you're paying only $99. After completition of the training, you will have a solid grasp of solar power and doing solar installation.

    This is a great solar training program that was produced by former NASA engineer and solar expert Bob Nagy. Some of the things you will learn from this course includes:

    • PV system overview and how it works
    • Electricity basics
    • Batteries, inverters, charge controllers, and panels
    • Mounting configurations and hardware
    • Panel orientation and sun position
    • Three real-life systems analysis
    • System production estimation
    • Incentives and rebates
    • Design walk-through
    • System Maintenance
    • Energy Efficiency

    You will not find a more complete, more affordable solar training system on the internet.

    Get Your Copy of Solar Installation Course Today!

    Solar Power Design Manual

    how to design solar power system book picture

    Price: $19.97
    Guarantee: 2 months
    Rating: 8.5/10

    Learn How to Design, Install, And Commission a Solar Power System!

    The Solar Design Manual is a fantastic training guide that teaches you how to design, install, and commission a solar power system. The Solar Power Design Manual covers the design, installation and operation of stand-alone solar power systems. It will guide you smoothly through the complex process of designing, specifying and installing stand-alone solar power systems for all applications, anywhere in the world. This is a cheap guide that cost only $20, but you will learn a lot!

    Here's what you will learn with the Solar Design Manual

    • A simple explanation of how solar power works
    • A guide to choosing the most efficient appliances
    • The best way to estimate the available solar energy
    • A step by step design process that anyone can follow
    • Simple installation and commissioning instructions
    • More than 30 colour diagrams and photographs
    • A maintenance guide to keep your system functioning perfectly
    • An Excel® and template to automate the calculations for you

    Get Your Copy of the Solar Power Design Course Now!

    Again, I strongly believe that the next job boom will be in solar and clean tech. Solar and clean tech will help to revive the US economy again. To take part in this exciting and fast growing field, you should get the right training. Reading the above guides is a great first step in preparing yourself to get jobs in this high growing field.

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